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Proposal presented by: Red Barn Technology Group

In response to the rapid growth of Big D Brands, the scope of services is beginning to change. The purpose of this document is to clearly and simply outline those changes, how long they will take, and any associated costs.

Scope of Services

Included in our platform but not specifically outlined below is our comprehensive software suite covering virus and malware protection, an unlimited content-delivery network, daily backups, uptime monitoring, and scheduled reporting.

Site Redesign

Total revamp of Big D Brands site to reflect new, national focus. Design will be 100% custom, responsive at mobile and tablet viewpoints, and optimized for large volumes of traffic. During the design phase we will meet weekly with Adam to discuss feedback and changes.

Affiliate Marketplace

Per the new direction, we will enable Big D Brands to sign on brand ambassadors that can submit product designs/ideas and order them pending verification. Users will be able to track their order and directly communicate with the affiliate or Big D Brands for support. Rates to be discussed by Adam and Jon.

Analytics + SEO Management

Red Barn Technology Group will aggregate, summarize, and distribute analytics and SEO reports on a schedule to be agreed upon. Per the hosting plan, RBTG will continuously monitor changes in these reports and act accordingly to deliver larger and better quality traffic.

User Request Form

As part of the new site design, RBTG will web-enable a form for students to submit their institution for consideration. We can optionally allow users (anonymous ones too!) to include text or images describing the design. These submissions will be accessible to Big D Brand staff members from the dashboard, and can also optionally send email and text alerts when new suggestions are received.

Additional Payment Gateways

Apple, Amazon, and Google Pay will be added as payment options for Big D Brands orders using Stripe. Red Barn Technology Group will be responsible for any associated payment gateway fees.

Additional Recommendations

Other recommendations are available upon request. Items outside the scope of this document will be billed hourly at a rate of $125/hr. Volume discounts available.

Alternative Pricing Plan

With the focus on building a national brand and growing sales, RBTG is willing to renegotiate how profit is currently calculated. One option is for Big D Brands to pre-order stock, and solely use RBTG to process designs and fulfill the orders. Cases of product carry 24 items, or 12 in the case of larger sizes such as 4XL and 5XL. As an example, ordering one crate of Gildan Heavy-Blend Hoodies would cost $225 before shipping, and Red Barn could process a simple uni-color design (like the existing apparel designs) for around $10/item. Doing the math, that would cost $465 for the inventory to be purchased & processed, then we would charge shipping via USPS ground (around $5/order, or $120/crate), and selling for $40/hoodie would net $960 before shipping fees or taxes. Using these rough numbers as an example, that leaves a profit slightly below 40% after gateway fees, shipping fees, taxes, material (+printing) cost.


Estimated Timeline:


Site Redesign
2 - 3 weeks
Affiliate Marketplace + User Requests
1 week
Analytics + SEO
1 day
Payment Gateways
1 day

Your Investment

A one-time setup fee of $50.00 will be charged to migrate the existing Big D Brands website to its own environment without disrupting orders or inquiries. A monthly fee of $50 will be charged for hosting and bandwidth. Owing to the fact that Big D Brands is an existing customer, a full re-design of the site is $750 vs the usual $900. Additionally, requests for new design mocks will run $75/design (which includes enabling it on the store), but for the extant ~8 requests a promotional price of $50/design has been applied.

Setup Fee
VPS Hosting
Site Redesign
Product Mocks

Total: $1250

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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37 Pine Street, Binghamton, NY 13901

Phone: 1.800.796.8809


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