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Proposal presented by: Red Barn Technology Group

Johnston Bluestone Industries, LLC.

424 River Road

Callicoon, NY 12723

(845) 665-9125


Scope of Services


We will host a single-site install of WordPress with a custom, white-labeled dashboard that you will receive access to during the development phase via a personal login. This "back-end" displays analytics at a glance, your SEO performance, any antivirus or firewall activity, and more! This does not bill until launch, and can be paid monthly, quarterly, or yearly thereafter.


Red Barn Technology Group will compress, minify, combine, and inline all HTML, CSS, and JavaScript on your site and deliver them via a global content delivery network to ensure blazing fast connection speeds regardless of geography. Each month (other timeframes available) we will generate a report on the site's performance to find potential improvements. Additionally included in the base hosting package is search engine optimization (SEO), where we ensure the new site design ranks well on Google as well as other search engines. These reports are also generated on a configurable schedule, and all posts on the site are automatically scored for readability and search relevancy.

Website Design

Our web team will meet with you regularly during the design phase to ensure a snappy, clean, and performant mobile-first design. Pricing is for our base design package, where we take your content (images, text, logos) and synthesize a brand-sensitive aesthetic. Upon your request, we can also quote hours for our photographer, graphic designers, and/or writers to redesign the entire asset portfolio.


We include two email inboxes (1GB storage) with our hosting package, with more available upon request at the rate of $2.49/mo. Larger storage quantities are also available.

Additional Recommendations

Social Media Marketing

We are offering a new service handling social media marketing for clients. This starts at $200/mo for managed services including ad creation and marketing strategies. The base package covers 1-2 posts per week on two platforms of your choice (Facebook, Instagram, etc.) For paid advertisements, we would collect the ad amount (starting at $300) to deposit in Google AdWords or source as well as an hourly fee for creating and scheduling the campaign. We also offer email and newsletter blasts monthly based on our agreed-upon hourly fee for scheduling.

Corporate Rebranding

Our base package starts at $600, and includes a new logo with all the relevant assets including the vector file. We offer 3 revisions included to ensure you are satisfied with the end result! Your choice of letterhead or business card is included, and more assets are always available upon request with pricing to be determined.

Estimated Time

We request a $1,000 retainer for the first month of services rendered, as hosting does not bill until launch. This proposal covers the timeframe outlined below, however more hours can be rendered at our discounted contract rate of $150/hr.

Estimated Timeline:

Three months from start date

WordPress Installation
1 week
Site design
8 - 12 weeks
2 weeks
Social Media Marketing (Recommended)
3 weeks
Corporate Rebranding (Recommended)
3 weeks

Your Investment

While the below is a typical base-level relationship for our company, we are open to any and all plans to meet your needs. We do handle custom development in-house, but the cost associated rapidly increases with complexity. As part of our meetings, our developers will help explain what is and is not considered custom development and endeavor to use existing solutions wherever possible. Should you request custom development, we require an additional retainer of $1000/mo for up to 20 hours, with additional billable hours available at the contract rate.

Web Design
Social Media Marketing (Recommended)
$200.00 - 500.00
Corporate Rebranding (Recommended)

Total: $4200

Approve Proposal

If you would like to join us and become a client then we’d be delighted to have you.

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Contact Info

37 Pine Street, Binghamton, NY 13901

Phone: 1.800.796.8809


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