About Red Barn Computers

Red Barn Computers has been serving the technology needs of  Consumers and Businesses – with computer sales and service – since 1995


If you want a great meal, you have to start with great ingredients. The same holds true for a computer system. If you want a great computer, you need to start with quality parts. Our partners, including Asus, Mushkin, Corsair, Seagate, Intel and AMD all make this possible. This process leads to a quality user experience, which at Red Barn is our first priority. Every Red Barn Computer is built using high quality industry standard components. Red Barn stands behind their award winning products and service and is the proud owner of numerous industry awards for quality and excellence.


Red Barn Computers has extensive experience with an evolution that has spanned more then a decade. Our process has been perfecting and simmering for more then ten years, and this experience allows the customer to bask in a care free and pleasant user experience. Red Barn’s team is highly knowledgeable and skilled and their dedication puts great care into every system that comes off our line.

Lower Cost of Ownership

Value, not price is our primary objective. Very often buying the “cheapest” product doesn’t lend itself to the best value, and over the life of that product you may end up spending more. Our goal at Red Barn Computers is that you have the best overall value by delicately balancing price and quality, and placing a strong emphasis on the extended cost of owning a computer. By using only high quality industry standard components, our systems perform reliably and are a pleasure to use.

Customer Loyalty

Red Barn Computers is delighted to have a huge and growing base of satisfied customers. There are customers who are now in their 4th or 5th generation of Red Barn systems. There is no better compliment than having a customer come back to Red Barn again and again for their computer needs and we pride ourselves on assuring that this trend continues. Our customer feedback page, is a small cross section of what our customers have to say.

We stand behind our systems that proudly use